Our Solutions - Co-Op Solution

95% of the population pays out-of-pocket for medical expenses which place 1 in every 500 households a few out-of-pocket health expenses away from bankruptcy, Self-employed Individuals, SMEs, communities, low-income earners and gig workers are excluded from traditional health insurance.

Payer Benefits

  • Customized dashboard and multiple access
  • Absenteeism management – automated sick leaves/cover notes
  • Periodically track and monitor health indices
  • Periodically track incidence and cases
  • Generate empirical and decision triage reports

User Benefits

  • Confidential micro-EHR (for record keeping)
  • Service and review rating
  • Chat with medical professionals

Service provider benefits

  • Periodically evaluate performance indices
  • Monitor disease trends and analysis
  • Periodically monitor behavioral health patterns
  • Periodically track benefit limits and exclusions
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