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Introducing Hadiel

We are Africa’s premier healthcare cooperative company using technology to create a health-sharing economy for low-middle income earners to access health protection benefits in sachets(portion sizes).

We are bridging the gap in primary care for the informal sector. We are on a mission to close the protection gap amongst the uninsured and underinsured across communities in Africa via innovative healthcare-financing models.

Our Mandate

We envision challenging traditional health insurance by being Africa’s premiere and preferred platform for solving out-of-pocket health expenses via innovative health-financing models and building a health-sharing economy for Africans.

Our Mission

We are an ethos-driven business on a mission to change the narrative in the health and well-being of the workforce in Africa to achieve optimized and quality health coverage (in line with WHO S.D.G3.8) by shifting paradigms from:

  • Guesswork-to-precision
  • Subjectivity-to-transparency
  • Monopoly of data-to-data democratization
  • Historical data-to-predictive data
  • Traditional actuarial-to-A.I. predictions

Our Objectives

  • Deliver short-term health insurance products for the underinsured –to personalized products for the uninsured.
  • Reduce the risk of households’ vulnerability as a result of out-of-pocket catastrophic health expenses
  • Create a new economy of short-term policies and solutions empowering the gig economy, digital nomads, and bottom-of-pyramid markets to pool and save funds.
  • Insulate the economy financially for health coverage within a shared economy system.

Our Partners

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