Frequently asked Questions

How do I join the community?

Walk into a HealthPlus pharmacy near you and pick up a sachet or use the Hplus online shop or

What is a sachet?

A sachet contains bite-sized/portion health benefits that you get to access should you visit your clinic or hospital

How does the cooperative work?

Once you purchase a sachet, you get assigned to a cohort where you make your contributions based on your flexibility. You get covered for the benefits in the sachet you purchased. In your cohort, you will receive regular updates and information.

What happens when I don’t use any benefits?

You get a cash-back of 8-10% or you convert it to a discount for your contribution after 12 months

Is there a limit to sachet(s) I can buy?

No, you can buy as many sachets. Each Sachet, covers a month, the more you buy, the longer your cover

When can I start to access benefits?

Once your on-boarding is completed

How long am I covered for?

You are covered for the period of your contribution. If there’s no payment in a particular period, there’s no cover for that duration.

Can I gift sachet(s) to loved ones?

as you please for your extended family members, siblings and domestic workers

How can I purchase sachet(s)?

Once your on-boarding is completed

How can I find out more?

We are available via whatsapp 24/7, our customer help line and email on +2349060217990 and at –

How do I access healthcare with my sachet?

Use your e-card to access health care or the mobile number you registered with via our OTP system at the hospital