Introducing Hadiel

We are an insur-tech company deconstructing healthcare plans into micro/bite sized plans for the low-to-middle income populace within a shared economy

We are helping to protect the uninsured and underinsured by leveraging technology using a coop model

Over 83 million Nigerians live below $382/year
40 million Africans are pushed into poverty /year by catastrophic health expenses

Our Mission

We are an ethos driven business on a mission to change the narrative in the health and wellbeing of the workforce in Africa to achieve optimized and quality health coverage (in line with WHO S.D.G3.8) by shifting paradigms from:

Our Objectives

Deliver short term health insurance products for the underinsured –to- personalized products for the uninsured.

Reduce the risk of households’ vulnerability as a result of out-of-pocket catastrophic health expenses

Create a new economy of short-term policies and solutions empowering the gig economy, digital nomads, and bottom of pyramid markets to pool and save funds.

Insulate the economy financially for health cover within a shared economy system.

Our Partners