Ready to spend less on Health expenses and redirect your finances?

Join our health-sharing community today and enjoy coverage on primary care and medications as at when you need them.

Hadiel Health Cooperative is Africa’s premiere health-sharing economy birthed to assist and insulate individuals and households from out-of-pocket spending that can be detrimental in the event of unplanned health expenses. This system debunks tradition by embracing inclusivity, non-corporate structures and rewards you for staying healthy.

Our Focus

Informal and Community-focused

We encourage small groups like churches, friends, entrepreneurs, cooperative societies, and groups of persons to come together to fund their health.

Household Inclusivity

Anyone within a household regardless of relationship status can be included as long as they are under your financial obligation. Now, all non-biological dependents and domestic staff can be catered to.

Preventing Out-of-pocket Spending

We prevent out-of-pocket spending and encourage individuals and families to save to protect the future


For transparency, you manage your account yourself, gaining access to track all your contributions and expenses so all parties are treated and verified accordingly.

Cashback & Loyalty Scheme

Don’t utilize your contribution during the year? Don’t worry, with a certain percentage, you can either roll over or channel to a social group.

Nationwide access to medical facilities

While we help you save for healthcare emergencies, we provide access to healthcare facilities near you and support you in your medical encounters to prevent out-of-pocket spending.

Our Solutions

Free Health Risk Assessment

How healthy are you? Take our short but detailed Health Risk Assessment and get started on the road to a better you.

Health Cooperative

Our health plans have been categorized to serve every group of interest without any restriction on benefits.

What you get

Doctor in a pocket

At the core of it, Hadiel Health Cooperative brings care closer and easier. Access immediate care from your phone with our Doctor-in-your-pocket benefit.

Community Health

Our community is a health engagement platform for members by members with a touch of professional expertise. We help you prevent the going from getting tough and let you know you are not alone in the struggle.

Healthcare Provider

We do not only help you save for healthcare, we act in your favor to provide healthcare benefits at a reduced cost through our nation wide facilities that are accessible where ever you are.


Always on the move?

Our providers are wherever you are

With our ever growing list of health centers, pharmacies, clinics and diagnostics nationwide, you can opt in to gain access to health care on the go

Getting Onboard?

Additional information on how to actively utilize your subscription


Get evaluated during onboarding to start health monitoring and receive periodic health reviews from professionals.


Select the sachet you have been match-made with OR simply choose the sachet you prefer and start your monthly contribution.


For transparency, there is the option to manage your account. We advise you to do so to enable all parties to be treated and verified accordingly.