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Data Analysis & Intelligence

Our platform is driven by data science and artificial intelligence designed to make retrospective and predictive evidence based decisions. This connotes that all stakeholders will be empowered to take calculated and de-risked steps, transparent and progressive actions, plannned and navigated decisions due to the precision driven findings and analysis on the platform.

Predictive Modelling

With our machine learning experts, we will churn your historical data via A.I to derive the following:

a.  Predict and estimate financial spend in advance for precision driven planning and budgeting

b.  Predictively gain insights to health trends, occupational health hazards and behavioral health

c.  Scientifically conduct scenario planning for benefits/solutions for different population sizes


Disease Surveillance

Our data sets and information can reveal significant findings on non-communicable disease patterns and trends within specified time intervals. This empowers stakeholders to build workplace integrated and preventive health programs.

Pharmacy Benefits Management

We have a budding network with the supply chain of medicaments and chemical entities ranging from wholesalers to retailers hence we are able to use our internal systems to deploy quality and affordable medicaments to varying demand use-cases. This cuts across generic and branded supplies at sustainable market rates which guarantees satisfaction to the end users

Pharma Market Access Insights

We bring to the table real data for pharma access insights from our API solutions with our dispensary network hence we are able to deploy training and equip with real use-case scenarios as may be required by our pharma clientele. This serves as a navigation tool and market implementation guide for pharma