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Hadiel is your digital health Intelligence platform and SaaS company which aggregates all participants of the health and insurance ecosystem.

It curates health data to churn out insights for business intelligence, health analytics, health budgeting and behavioural health mapping via data science and A.I. thus empowering every stakeholder to make informed and empirical decisions transparently


We are an ethos driven business on a mission to change the narrative in the health and wellbeing of the workforce in Africa to achieve optimized and quality health coverage (in line with WHO S.D.G3.8) by shifting paradigms from:

  1. Guesswork-to-precision
  2. Subjectivity-to-transparency
  3. Monopoly of data-to-data democratization
  4. Historical data-to-predictive data
  5. Traditional actuarial-to-A.I predictions


We envision being a catalyst that will flip the narrative of health inclusion in Africa by breaking access barriers to bottom of pyramid markets and various sectors via data science and artificial intelligence


Data science : we are convinced that with our domain knowledge, data science will be the catalyst for identifying patterns and making predictive modulations for our audience

The predictive modulation is harnessed by machine learning and artificial intelligence from which deductions are easily extrapolated

The Tech is delivered via this simple web-based platform which gives autonomous dashboards to all the participants/users (in the ecosystem)